From the workshop of
Jay Valens and Ray Devans:

RE: Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Happening in 2 Weeks

Dear Friends,

Take your phone off the hook, turn off your cell phone, turn off the TV or radio, and get rid of all other distractions.  Find a quiet place to read this page where you won't be disturbed.  It holds very specific time-sensitive information...

Jay Valens and Ray Devans here, we are the former nerds responsible for bringing the world an Internet meeting place at for the top minds in dating and pickup, as well as the groundbreaking “The Art of the Pickup” video teaching series.  We're writing to you today because we recently had an idea that may totally change your life.

You see, almost ten long years ago, we were both starting on a journey that would take us through back alleys, into cafes, all over the Internet, across continents and major cities of the world, bringing us into contact with real, living, breathing modern day Casanovas and Don Juans.  A journey that eventually morphed us from hopeless nerds into pickup masters with literal harems of hot girls around the world.

On this journey, we saw guys get slapped testing out new ideas with women in the name of science, we overcame our immense fear of talking to girls in places like Starbucks and in clubs.  We tested ideas ourselves, we spent countless hours at bars and clubs, all while running what became the largest internet site about pickup, dating, and seduction on the planet.

We didn't plan any of this at first, but almost by accident we formed a virtual lab for testing literally thousands of ideas, strategies, methods, tactics & techniques and found the ones that got women flocking to our formerly empty beds.  Along the way, we've also helped countless men do the same.

In a process kind of like what Thomas Edison went through in finally making the light bulb, we discovered the hard way about ten thousand things that didn't work.  But we also found a whole bunch of very specific things that worked like the way we always hoped “Spanish Fly” and pheromones were supposed to work!

Four years ago we produced a video course to teach guys the A-to-Z steps to pickup.  Then two years ago we decided to follow it up and create a video series that would help teach some of what we learned.  It was called “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” and we got great feedback from guys about how much they've been benefiting from both.  But then we were hanging out one day talking about what we could possibly do to top ourselves to help guys learn like we did.  Then we had an idea.

The Idea Hit Us Like A Ton Of Bricks

“What if we could bring together A LOT of these guys WE learned from so that other guys could also learn from them in-person?”

Not just learn from them, but get access to all their best secrets...

You see, while we spent over 4 years producing the ultimate video teaching series', we know that there is little substitute for learning from people in-person.  We knew that it was often the in-person communication we had that allowed us to get past sticking points we had on our own journeys to becoming successful with women.

So one day while hanging out, Jay blurted, “We should get the band together again!” Of course, there was no “band” per se to begin with, but the idea was genius, it was the equivalent of setting up a reunion tour of the best of the “Original Gurus” who we had learned from over the years.

But we didn't want to put together just any seminar.  We've attended our fair share of seminars in our days, and almost all of them left us wanting more.  What we really wanted was a single seminar that taught you everything you need to know from beginning to end -- a seminar that gave you real access to grab the most treasured unrevealed secrets of the grand masters who've taught us.

Not only that, we decided to do things with THIS seminar which surpass the benefits of any others.  It starts with the Gurus.  We're bringing together the best.  That's a fact.  This “Deadly Dozen + 1” group of guys are the BEST of the BEST, and some of these guys have agreed to appear exclusively for us, you'd be hard-pressed to get access to them any other way.  We've got Brad P, Sinn, David X, Swinggcat, Stephen Nash, Hypnotica, Savoy, Vin DiCarlo, Ross Jeffries, Cameron Teone, Brent Smith, Zan Perrion and Will H.  We're also offering special access to these guys that you won't get in any other seminar (more on that below).

Today, there are countless young boys running around pretending to teach pickup and dating, but unfortunately, not many are qualified to even rent a car, let alone teach YOU how to go about conducting your dating life.

     We are bringing you the original gurus. They are the Superheroes of this community.  They're the battle-tested gurus with scars to prove they've been in the trenches.  Their methods and teachings have stood the rigorous test of time, and many have tried to rehash their concepts.  There is only one problem: The imitators and copycats cannot teach the concepts of the originators the way the original experts can.

     You Will Never Get Another Opportunity Like This Again.  Some of these experts are going to move on to other areas of their life and no longer provide access to their store of secrets.  Some of these guys have special unique inside knowledge, that they'll share with you: classified pickup know-how and seduction secrets that will only available at this one-time only event.


     This is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EVENT you will NOT want to miss!   In Two Weeks  the greatest super-hero level minds in Dating Science will gather in a secret location in  in a major city  and teach a select group of lucky men their closest held techniques for getting the most beautiful, sexy women on the planet.  If you would like to learn their COMPLETE system for mind-boggling success with women virtually for FREE, read on...

     So before we describe that and all the other bonuses for attending, we want to give you a “who's who” of all these amazing speakers...

The Ultimate Guru Lineup

For: • Attitude • Body Language • Building Relationships • Communications • Confidence • Connecting with Women • Fashion • First Impression • Flirting • Image Improvement • Lifestyle • Natural Game • Opening • Preparation • Social Circle • Style

     A.K.A. Playboy from the book “The Game”, Stephen Nash is co-founder of Cutting Edge Image Consulting.  Now based in New York City after his stint as one of the original residents of the infamous Project Hollywood.  After kissing “The Game”, Stephen decided to harness and hone his skills into a more natural, holistic style of meeting, attracting & dating women which could serve a larger population, not just those interested in becoming pick-up artists.

     Stephen is author of “How to get a Girlfriend” and has worked with thousands of clients.  A master of natural game, Stephen is knowledgeable about all aspects of game but is perhaps best known for his cutting edge tips on fashion, lifestyle, and creating lasting relationships with women.

     Stephen offers all his services through his venture, How to Get a Girlfriend.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: ICEMAN.  Cool, calm, and collected, he never breaks a sweat.  His delivery unfazed, his demeanor unchanged, Stephen Nash is able to strike fear into the hearts of opponents through his chill vibe demeanor.  Smooth in his delivery, the Iceman is who we call on to handle situations when precision is needed.  Furthermore, Stephen "Iceman" Nash can teach you the same cool ability, the same chill vibe.  He will help you get rid of your canned-routines and enable you the power to get and keep a girlfriend.  He will transform your style and give you a new chill look as well as a cool outlook on dating and long-lasting relationships.

Cameron Teone
For: • Approaching • Body Language • Cold Approaches • Confidence • Dealing with Fear • Direct Game • First Impression • Flirting • Foundation Thinking • Humor • Natural Game • Observation • Opening • Presence • Role-Playing • Social Dynamics

     Passionate, audacious, and satirical, this man applies what he calls the “JKD Approach” to dating.  Having studied every possible method of “pickup”, he's isolated the practical pieces of all while discarding the least applicable concepts.

     Cameron “Iron Man” Teone earned his Iron Man nickname from us by meeting a gorgeous professional model while he was dressed like the Big Lebowski after a visit to the gym. (it takes balls of iron for most guys to even talk to such women)  He's our “go to” guy and is perhaps best known for helping men in dropping their ineffective routines, and throwing away their canned and cheesy pickup lines and destroying their limiting beliefs.  One of his biggest contributions to the pickup & seduction community is the introduction of “Attribute Based Training”, a process designed to help trasform guys into men who attract women naturally.

     For THIS seminar ONLY, Cameron will delve into a very advanced area of dating that he's never discussed before!  He's going to discuss why so many men fail in their quest to improve their dating lives, deliver a thorough understanding of male/female archetypes, and teach how you too can apply it to achieve success in attracting women.

     Cameron offers training and coaching via his company, Attract Women Anywhere.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: IRON MAN.  Passionate, cocky, loud, boisterous and righteous, Cameron Teone likes to tell it like it is without little regard for tact.  A self-made superhero, he is unwavering in his passionate beliefs and always ready to set ablaze those he sees on the wrong side.  Quick to point out right and wrong, and determined to make sure his presence is felt, Cameron is out to set things right.

Passionate and fierce, Cameron is who we call on when we need to inspire a revolution.  He will teach you how to best utilize your own passions and personality to attract women without the help of silly fuzzy hats or wearing makeup.  He may be crude, and he may be tactless, but he will instill upon you the knowledge on how to discern the type of woman you want and how to go about getting her!

Ross Jeffries
For: • Approaching • Behavior Change • Building Trust • Communications • Escalating Sexually • Frame Control • Influence • Inner Game • Leading • Linguistics • Making Connections • NLP • Opening • Pacing • Seduction • Tonality

     This giant of the seduction industry perhaps needs no introduction, but we will do our best to laud the man affectionately known as “The Father of Seduction”.  We have been learning from Ross though his products and in person now for about a decade, but he has been teaching seduction actively for at least 2 decades!  Ross has probably forgotten more about seduction than most men will ever learn, and probably knows more than ten normal gurus put together.  The creator of Speed Seduction, Ross is always innovating, and some of the new information he has to share simply has to be experienced live!

     Ross Jeffries and all his products and services, including home study courses, and seminar training, can be found at his Speed Seduction company.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: DR. STRANGE.  This dimension's Seduction Sorcerer Supreme, fighting the demon hordes of frustration, supplication and masturbation.  His origins go back seemingly before the history of original gurus, and has often been consulted by other superheroes on mystical seduction matters.  It is believed that his abilities enable him to channel powers and forces from various dimensions.  Able to control his opponents mind, he can inflict much pain and misery as well as pleasure and euphoric feelings in his subjects.

He has unparalleled mastery of the linguistic arts and can draw upon the powers of many complex sciences, channel them, and bequeath them as magical mystical skills onto his students.  He's promised to teach languaging skills that will have women wrapped around your finger.

Steve P.
For: • Attitude • Behavior Change • Building Trust • Confidence • Dealing with Fear • Escalating Sexually • Frame Control • Hypnotherapy • Inner Game • Motivation • Relationship Management • Sexual Chemistry • Sexual Skills • Sexuality • Spiritual Improvement • Transformation

     Maybe the most mysterious long-time Guru around, this man is truly in a class of his own.  Universally recognized as one of the “Godfathers of the Seduction Community”, Steve P is one of the all-time authorities of inner game.  He has been helping men since 1978, and this master hypnotist/biker/shaman will radically alter your perception of what is possible with women, and help you overcome issues that have you stuck in unhealthy patterns.  Though he was first made famous by the book “The Game”, we first met him in 2001 and were absolutely blown away.  Steve taught the legendary Rick H. a lot of his secrets, and Rick went on to have threesomes with countless women.

     Steve has coached people from all walks of life including athletes, celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

     [Steve P & Hypnotica are working on putting together something really special for one of the seminar evenings... more on that soon!]

     Steve offers personalized services for change work using radical hypnotherapy in 1:1 and group sessions.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: PROFESSOR X.  He houses pickup and seduction's most supreme mutant mind.  This powerful hero can read, control and influence human minds.  A hypnotherapy genius, he is also a leading authority on the hypnotic mind.  Though rooted in science, his powers are almost magical in nature.  His mental powers are so great, they can be hardly conceived by mere mortals, Steve P is the shaman who traditionally provides the right of passage, to help transform boys into MEN.  He is able to manipulate forces of the universe including projection of mystic energy and aura to help you develop courage and balls of steel.  He will use his telepathic powers to delve very deep inside your mind, into experiences you've lived through, removing years of negative belief buildup, to give you a new fresh outlook into a life of possibilities.

For: • Attitude • Behavior Change • Confidence • Dealing with Fear • Direct Game • Escalating Sexually • Frame Control • Hypnosis • Inner Game • Motivation • NLP • Pacing • Seduction • Sexual Prowess • Transformation

     Hypnotica is the “Inner Game Guru”, and has been considered one of the Godfathers of the Dating Community for over a decade, and is on the cutting edge of sexual relations.

     This Wolverine look-alike PUA is another inner game master made famous by the book “The Game”.  We met Hypnotica before that in 2001 and a group hypnosis session he and another community legend, Steve P, ran through with us is probably still changing us to this day subconsciously!  He knows the meaning of having an “ultimate frame” and he knows how to help you live in the ultimate frame as well.

     Hypnotica has raised the bar to another level: For the first time ever, he will discuss his secret methods of “The 2 Minute” Seduction.  He has never shared this before on any platform.

     P.S. There are rumors that Hypnotica may also show up with an entourage of hot strippers...

     [Steve P & Hypnotica are working on putting together something really special for one of the seminar evenings... more on that soon!]

     Hypnotica regularly works with large groups and also does phone coaching.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: WOLVERINE. This massive guru is the product of a government experimentation.  Having adamantium fused into his bones and skeleton, he is virtually indestructible.  Often compared to the Wolverine in the comic books, he has a powerful prescence.  At 240 pounds of solid muscle mass, he is a force to be reckoned with.  Whereas Zan is the Don Juan charmer, Hypnotica attracts women through his sheer raw mascluine energy.

Hypnotica will SHATTER your limiting beliefs about what is possible in our realm.  Witnessing Hypnotica, you will never be the same again, as the door will open to a universe with endless possiblities, where YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO TRULY BELIEVE you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Brad P.
For: • Approaching • Attitude • Cold Approaches • Day Game • First Impression • Games • Group Dynamics • Humor • Indirect Game • Night Game • Opening • Originality • Outer Game • Role-Playing • Social Dynamics • Venue Changing

     The legendary Brad P. began his journey to mastery in 2004 by spending 7 days a week every week going out meeting women and learning from the greatest Naturals ever to walk the earth.  Already being an expert in psychology and philosophy, he quickly developed a reliable, repeatable method for meeting, attracting, seducing, and dating top tier women anywhere his travels took him.

     By 2005, word of Brad's success had spread so quickly that he began teaching underground dating seminars in New York City.  The news spread fast and men would travel from hundreds of miles away to attend.

     In 2006, Brad was discovered by our community and gave lectures and interviews for various well-known pickup & seduction community legends.

     Brad is currently focusing his attention to developing the most efficient and effective methods for teaching men to succeed with women.

     Brad offers a range of services, products, and coaching through his venture, Brad P Presents.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: SHOCKER.  With so many tricks up his sleeve, this quirky operator is able to create effective results through his seemingly innocent yet shocking openers and methods.  Revered for his "Shock" openers, he is known for his ability to shock women with his approaches and yet have them intrigued to want to hear more.  Brad P is the embodiment of electricity, from the small static charges of playful banter, to the lightning bolts or pure pickup brilliance, Brad P can give you a step-by-step breakdown of his powerful shocking abilities to enable you to approach women with initial sparks of interest, and build up their attraction to you with the power of an electrical storm.

Brent Smith
For: • Body Language • Fashion • First Impression • Flirting • Frame Control • Image Improvement • Lifestyle • Logistics • Natural Game • Preparation • Reversing Frames • Social Circle • Social Dynamics • Style

     Brent flips common pickup thinking on its ear.  Brent is another one of the Original Gurus we met back in 2001.  At the time his method for getting a girl from his living room into his bedroom seemed like pure genius, and well, it still is!  Since then Brent has evolved even more radical ideas that make women chase him, in fact with his method he never takes phone numbers, instead he only gives out his and the women call him.  Sound too good to be true?  Learn for yourself from him in person how to do it!

     Brent is a Lifestyle Advisor and offers 1:1 and group couching through Absolute Power Dating.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: SILVER SURFER.  Very little is known about the origins of this hero, but Brent is able to smoothly glide in and out of venues with the greatest of ease, slicing his way through the crowd.  Having a reputation for being indifferent, he has a unique ability to attract women using his own style that is very much distinguished from the rest of our heroes.  He will teach you how to harness the powers of indifference to attract women, and how to be able to lead the life of a playboy who glides in anywhere with very little effort.

For: • Becoming More Sexual • Breakthrough Comfort • Cold Approaches • Day Game • Escalation • Group Dynamics • Image Improvement • Indirect Game • Isolation • Leading • Night Game • Opening • Outer Game • Role-Playing • Same Night Lay game • Social Dynamics • Venue Changing

     Sinn is widely regarded as one of the best pickup artists in the world.  As a teenager, he was known in his social group for his spectacular failures with women.  In fact he didn't even lose his virginity until he found our community.

     Sinn had been the lead instructor for a top dating science company for 3 years.  He's taught more bootcamps than any other instructor we know, and even trained guys who have gone on to become instructors at many major dating science companies.

     Sinn is known for his hard nosed style and take no excuses approach to teaching.  He is a nondenominational teacher, which means that he subscribes to no particular method and blends the best of every school of seduction to create the best possible results for himself and his students.

     He's best known for teaching a certain set of skills, namely: Same Night Lay game, Day game, and Breakthrough Comfort.

     Sinn currently runs his own pickup company, The Sinns of Attraction which offers live, phone and email training.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: BATMAN.  A kid who was picked on in high school, this superhero worked on developing himself.  With an acute sense of timing and quick reactions, Sinn is constantly aware of everything that is occurring around him in a busy nightclub.  Moreover, Sinn is someone able to solve social riddles!  He's built up a utility belt chock full of strategies and tactics, to always come out on top.  He is able to approach women anywhere in any setting as he has developed a long list of tools, gadgets and apparatus to enable him to succeed, especially in what he calls, the "SNL" otherwise known as the "Same Night Lay."  If your goal is to walk into a nightclub and take a woman home, you do not want to miss Sinn.  He will teach you not only how to conduct his famous "SNL" but also how to solve your social riddles in order to overcome any obstacles you think you have.

For: • Confidence • Day Game • Escalating • First Impression • Flirting • Foundation Thinking • Frame Control • Games • Leading • Linguistics • Night Game • Prizeability • Push-Pull • Role-Playing • Seduction

     We can't believe it ourselves, but we got Swinggcat to agree to speak!  This Original Guru from the book “The Game” pretty much never speaks in public.  Swinggcat was one of the true innovators in the game, bringing us concepts such as Push-Pull, Prizability, and others.  Maybe one of the best psychological minds out there, this man combines humor and storytelling with tactics that are simply unfair and should be illegal.

     Only ONCE before has he made an appearance at a major seminar, and we are glad to have him back again as he is truly one of the “Original Gurus”.

     Swinggcat owns & operates Real World Seduction.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: MYSTERIO.  Swinggcat walks the tightrope of good guy and villain.  With psychological tricks and mind control methods so evil that we dare not ask how he gets the job done.  Though rarely seen, his legend has been fostered and cultivated both by those who admire him and those who speak of his evil.  Stories of his ways have traveled from village to village, town to town and father to son.  Reputed to have the ability to vanish in a split second by frightened locals, Swinggcat can strike and be gone before you've ever noticed. No one dares question his methods.  He is another guy we sure are glad to have on our side.  He has promised to teach some of his techniques at this seminar to help protect you from being manipulated.  He does this in the good faith that you will use his techniques for good, and not evil.  Should you be discovered using his techniques for the dark side, he will find you...

David X
For: • Attitude • Behavior Change • Confidence • Dealing with Fear and Approach Anxiety • Direct Game • Flirting • Foundation Thinking • Humor • Inner Game • Leading • Motivation • Observation • Relationship Management • Romance • Sexuality • Troubleshooting

     Here is a guy who's become quite infamous over the years yet almost nobody in our community has had the opportunity to learn from him face-to-face!  In fact one of the few ways his knowledge has reached the community has been Jay's reports about him!  David has a no-nonsense, intensely direct approach to teaching, so prepare to be shocked into submission by the power of his message as he force feeds you a new and powerful belief system.

     The elusive David X made a much celebrated appearance in 2004 and then mysteriously disappeared from public engagements.  Nevertheless, he has been helping “Graduate” boys into men for over a decade and we are honored to have him!  We are shipping him all the way in from frigid Montreal, Canada to share with you some of the gems we were lucky enough to begin learning from him almost 8 years ago.

     David X offers “David X Dating”, a counseling service, which helps men through a multitude of issues.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: SUPERMAN (ALSO, THE HULK)  He's unabashed, unashamed and very direct, and David X speaks from the inside, so we like to think of him as The Hulk.  His fans and successful “graduates”, however, like to see him as their Superman.  He is powerful and imposing.  We're torn between whether it was a rare form of gamma rays that turned David into the powerful entity that he is today, or if he's an alien orphan who's adopted our world as his own to serve & protect.  His presence will be felt and his power will astonish you.  He will smash your reality to bits, then show you how to build yourself up to be your own Superman in the game men & women play.  You will feel inspired and powerful, empowered enough to believe that YOU too can fly high and move mountains and overcome any seemingly insurmountable task after having been through the David X experience.

Vin DiCarlo
For: • Building Comfort • Confidence • Day Game • Escalating Sexually • First Impression • Follow-Ups • Frame Control • Inner Game • Isolation • Leading • Logistics • Observation • Preparation • Transitioning • Venue Changing

     One of the coolest and laid back Gurus you will ever meet, beneath his unassuming exterior Vin DiCarlo is one of the absolute masters at controlling logistics in order to lead to one place, his bed! (or, in his early days, he passenger seat of his van, but that is a story for another time)

     His now famous DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, used to transition seamlessly to sex once a women is back at your place, has helped countless men.  Some of the experiences he's shared with us have shattered our ideas of what's possible on follow-ups and first dates.

     Vin now runs DiCarlo DiClassified, a high-end dating consultancy.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: MR. FANTASTIC.  As an astute and scientific observer, this hero takes a very scientific approach to dating and attraction and he is able to bend his way around issues while having the ability to stretch his skills to apply his knowledge in any venue or situation.  He's developed a truly method to simplifying successful male-female interactions, and a designed a genius escalation method to solve the complex problems of end game, and save you from Doom.  He'll be able to teach you the same scientific detailed breakdown of dating that you can apply to everyday life.  He will show you how to bend logistics to your benefit, and empower your mind towards pickup genius.

Zan Perrion
For: • Art of Living • Building Relationships • Building Trust • Communications • First Impression • Lifestyle • Love • Maintaining Relationships • Making Connections • Natural Game • Romance • Style

     Zan is an internationally lauded writer and professional speaker with the an uncanny skill of informing and inspiring his audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life.

     An entire chapter of “The Game” was devoted to Zan, and he's become extremely well-known for his more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women, romance, and pursuit of more exciting relationships through romance.

     Zan's approach to succes with women makes him the closest guru to a modern version of Casanova, so be prepared to be transported back in time to the origins of seduction.

     We're proud to have him part of our event.

     Zan Perrion offers his services through his venture, Way of Attraction.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: GAMBIT.  A real-life French Casanova, Zan's greatest strength is his undeniable charm to seduce women into seeing things the way he sees them.  This power comes from his ability to throw around romantic kinetic energy.  He has a unique ability to cast fantastic spells upon the ladies, he is one of the few seduction heroes who allows the world to see his vulnerable side.  Little is known about how he acquired his particular unique powers, but it is said that when Zan is around, grown men can start sobbing to plead with him to not cast his powerful kinetic energy upon their women.

For this seminar, he is going to share with you his powerful natural style of interacting with women, to pass on to you his ability to cast seductive momentum on beautiful women so that they too will feel addicted to you.  Zan will open the door to your true potential energy.

Will H
For: • Approaching • Interaction • Club Game • Attraction • Flirting • Personal Style • Environment Control • Social Proof • Making Connections • Natural Game • Follow-Ups

     Will is a former nightclub bouncer who's seen, heard, and done it ALL!, and has been featured and interviewed in various products, including our very own “The Art of the Pickup” DVD set.

     We first met Will years ago on a trip to NYC, after hearing about him through an interview by a trusted friend.  From the get-go, we knew this guy had serious game, as we witnessed him draw ot the attention of a variety of women in the environment.  Will's approach can be considered a natural style but, if you didn't know, you wouldn't realize that he has an actual repeatable method to his success, that you can learn from him personally.

     Will H offers personal coaching through his venture, "You Are So In My Way" (which happens to be a common catchphrase of how he meets women - find out the details of that at the seminar!).

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SUPERPOWER NAME: THE THING.  Smooth operator from the streets of Brooklyn, this hero is powerful, and the king of one-liners.  One-time-skinny, turned big-and-powerful, the cosmic rays of pickup have empowered him to win at the down-and-dirty brawl of real life game.  As a former bouncer in NYC, he really knows club game.  With his bantering and humorous vibe, he's also a king of day and street game.  He is going to teach you how to slice through crowded nightclub lines, how to get the bouncer's respect, and how to be invited back with open arms from those who will grease the wheels of your love life.  Listen to Will as he will give you a breakdown on how to work the nightlife in a way you never have before...

For: • Approaching • Interaction • Club Game • Attraction • Night Game • Escalation Methods • Transitioning • Qualification • Routines • Structured Methods • Stories

     Savoy has, over the years, had access to some the best in-field coaching minds anywhere, and he's synthesized this unique access into a practical and predictable method of female attraction escalation.  To some, love and the game of pickup is an art.  To Savoy, it is science, having set predictable rules with many aspects of social interaction playing out as predictably as Newtonian physics.

     We've known Savoy for years and can attest to his thorough knowledge of the game.  We've worked with him on collaborative projects and his intelligence and dedication in this field are at the top of the charts.

     Savoy operates a highly-rated pickup coaching company, Love Systems.

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SUPERPOWER NAME: THE JOKER.  Like The Joker, Savoy is a bad boy, he lives by his own rules unapologetically, mixing intelligence and social dominance to get what he wants.  Where others see choas, he sees a predictable orchestra of social interaction.  Like the conductor of a grand social symphony, all instruments in play are at his fluid control, and he can lead the social dynamics of female attraction toward his master plan.  He can show you how to understand attraction escalation structures and how to deploy a predictable method within most pickup scenarios.  He will help you to see how powerful methods of pickup can be as common to you as brushing your teeth or tying your shoes.

In Two Weeks, Friday to Sunday
With Special Pre-Seminar Night on Thursday
Held in a Major City
For out-of-town travelers, the hotel this event will be hosted at will be shuttle-accessible to/from airport, and the airport has shuttle buses to/from multiple nearby hotels.
Early Game Coverage:
  • Foundation Thinking, First Impression, Physicality Improvement (Body Language, Posture, Gate, Tonality, Style, Presence), Preparation
  • Inner Game, Confidence, Dealing with Fear, Behavior Change, Motivation
  • Observation, Approaching, Opening, Meeting, Flirting, Humor, Role-Playing, Games, Topics
Mid Game Coverage:
  • Environment Influences, Day Game, Night Game, Social Circle, Online, Cold/Warm Approaches, Group Dynamics
  • Pacing, Leading, Venue Changing, Escalating, Physical Stuff, Logistics
  • Isolation, Building Trust, Building Comfort, Making Connections, Communications
End Game Coverage:
  • Sexual Tension, Escalating Sexually, Dealing with Hesitation (yours and hers), Sexual Prowess
  • Relationship Management, Building Relationships, Maintaining Relationships
  • Troubleshooting Session (guys always have issues they feel are unique to them): Age, Height, Attractiveness (physical), Race, Experience, Rejection, etc

There will also be special seating offered for those who want to guarantee they are closer to the front, and those who choose the front row seating option (referred to as “Premiere & Exlusive”) will be treated to a special value made available only to them (more on this in a bit)...

Special Included Bonuses

So, what's the “.5” of 3.5 days?  Well, the night before the actual seminar days, we're hosting a gathering for all attendees to meet and speak directly with a number of the Gurus.  It's their opportunity to help give you some immediate feedback and advice even BEFORE the actual seminar.  You can't obtain to that kind of access for less than $200 anywhere, and we're including it at no cost.

 Act fast!  Two bonuses have already expired and you don't want to miss out on any other bonuses!

But that's not all.  Everyone who attends will receive a complimentary copy of our groundbreaking first video series “The Art of the Pickup” (a $149.95 value), AND our follow-up video series “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” (a $227 value)(If you're already one of our lucky customers, just let us know and we'll credit you $100 toward the seminar -- or simply use the coupon code we probably already sent you!)  So you will leave the seminar with our complete system that you will have access to for the rest of your life, unlike many seminars where you leave with a few weeks of “buzz” that eventually wears off.

You'd think we'd stop there with the bonuses, but we've got more up our sleeves for you.

Anyone reserving a spot for the seminar will get $100 off any future event we host.  You will ALSO get $200 off any personal training offered by some of the very same Gurus that are part of the seminar.

You will also you get 50% (up to $50) off of any new/future product we produce and sell in our store.

We could stop there, but we won't.  All attendees will get free access to one of our future teleconferences (a $99.00 value).  This will be your chance to ask both of us questions directly after you have had a chance to use what you learned at the seminar.  Hold our heat to the fire AFTER the seminar -- who else does that? (A: Nobody)

We want to make sure you're alert and absorbing as much knowledge as possible during the event so we're also providing free breakfast to all attendees every day, as well as a mid-say snack, if not more.  That's about $25 each day x 3 days, a $75 value.

“VIP Perks & Red Carpet Treatment”
Only for the those choosing Premiere & Exlusive seating!

Special seating will be offered at extra rates, (described on the registration page), but we want to make sure you also know that with FRONT ROW SEATING (referred to as “Premiere & Exlusive”) we will be including a 2-hour fully paid private lunch with many of the Gurus (officially making them a “Baker's Dozen”!).  But, hey, that's completely optional, and we don't want to completely overwhelm your senses before you get through this page.

What is this private lunch all about?

This is your chance to sit down for an exclusive luncheon with a number of these original grandmasters to pick their brains in an intimate setting.

You can ask them all the questions youíve ever wanted!

Whether itís regarding attraction, dating, or how many times they brush their teeth per day.  We donít care! This is your time!  Itís an opportunity for you to spend that time with guys who have flown in from various parts of the world to gather for this once-in-a-lifetime event.  There are only 10 spots available as weíd like ensure a small intimate setting.  Reserve your seat now before it sells out.

     There's even more but let's start breaking all that down in more detail and add it all up:

Get your calculator out and start adding it all up...

Special Bonus # 1:
The Art of the Pickup DVD Video Series
(FREE!  A $149.95 value)

The first product of its kind, “The Art of the Pickup”™ DVD set is a professionally produced instruction guide to show men, step-by-step, how to approach, talk to, and interact with women to improve success in pickup, dating, and seduction.  The set contains over 6 hours of video and media, including hours of dramatized scenes which also show variations for the interactions, an informational foundation segment, professional narration, a special affirmations feature, interviews with experts, and more!

We worked on “The Art of the DVD” for over a year to ensure that the information was substantial and the production quality superior to anything else on the market.

Special Bonus # 2:
The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques DVD Video Series
(FREE!  A $227 value)

Building on the unprecedented success of the original “The Art of the Pickup” DVD set, this new DVD set raises the bar yet again after nearly 2 years in planning and production.  “The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” is an interactive video powerhouse, the first ever collection of the top routines, tactics and techniques used by the best dating coaches and pickup artists from around the world.

This new, 2 DVD set is a professionally produced instruction guide that shows you step-by-step the most powerful tools ever invented for success with women at every stage of interaction: from exactly how to first meet them and what to say, to getting them attracted and having fun with you, to getting their phone number, making them comfortable with you, physical escalation, getting past last minute resistance to sex and wanting sex, and more.  Over 100 of the top routines, tactics, techniques and variations from the most skillful and famous dating experts and pickup artists around the world are included.

The production quality is superior to anything else on the market and utilizes a fully interactive menu system.  It literally would take you nearly two days to go through all the content on the DVDs, that's how much we packed into it.

Special Bonus # 3:
Coupon For A Future Event
(FREE!  A $100 value)

Attend any future event we offer at $100 off the normal price!

Special Bonus # 4:
Discount For Guru Training
(FREE!  A multiple $200 value)

Some of our speakers have generously agreed to honor coupons for $200 off of any training they offer to all seminar attendees.  Yes, you heard that right.  That's not just ONE $200 discount.  It's a discount which you can apply to ANY Guru with whom we've coordinated this special offer.

Special Bonus # 5:
Coupon For Future AOTP Products
(FREE!  Up to a $50 value)

That's 50% off (or up to $50) off any future product we produce and sell in our store.

Special Bonus # 6:
Teleconference Access
(FREE!  A $99 value)

This bonus expired due to excessive demand!  Reserve your spot before other bonuses expire.

Special Bonus # 7:
Breakfast & Snacks, Every Day
(FREE!  A $75 value)

We want to make sure you're alert and absorbing as much knowledge as humanly possible during the event so we're also providing free breakfast to all attendees every day, as well as a mid-say snack, if not more.  That's about $25 each day x 3 days.

Special Bonus # 8:
Seminar Booklet
(FREE!  A $49 value)

We don't want you to be distracted with a ton of note-taking.  So we're putting together a booklet containing the outline of each segment.  Don't worry, we'll leave plenty of space for you to include your own notes, but we want you to start with OUR notes to save you from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Special Bonus # 9:
3 hours Direct Guru Access
(FREE!  At least a $200 value)

This is your chance to jump-start your seminar experience and gain face time access to the Gurus before the seminar starts.  We're coordinating to make sure most of the attending Gurus will be available to you during this time to help give you preemptive tips, feedback and advice based on their first impression of you, your demeanor, tone, and general presence.  This will help you to better focus on what you'll need from the seminar, and help the Gurus better calibrate their presentations during the seminar.

Special Bonus # 10:
1-hour 1:1 Phone Consultation
with Jay or Ray
(FREE!  A $150 value)

This bonus expired due to excessive demand!  Reserve your spot before other bonuses expire.

Grand Total Bonuses Value: $1,050.95 of stuff you get for FREE!

When you add everything up like this then we SHOULD sell access to our seminar for AT LEAST $2,500 dollars.  But we aren't going to do that.  We aren't even going to offer it at $2,000.00 dollars, even though it's costing us a TON of money to book space, coordinate audio equipment, print booklets, and take care of our tireless crew who will make it all happen.

See, we actually want guys to come despite any worries about cost, we want you to feel like you are getting paid to come to this event.  We have been dirt poor ourselves and shelled out our hard-earned cash to attend seminars but we didn't get any cool bonuses like this to offset the cost.  Not a dime.  We WISH we had, and that is why we're doing it now for you.  And hey, we are going to make out like bandits in goog karma credits so it's win-win!

So, we are offering it for BARELY ABOVE the value of all these combined bonuses.

Our late sign-up price for Premiere & Exclusive seating will be at only $1,550 (you must click below to find out final pricing) but we're offering special rates on other seating and a possible huge extra discount, but only if you EMAIL us and ASK for it!... and you better HURRY UP if you do!

If you act now, you can reserve your spot for this conference for the crazy-Jay/crazy-Ray price of merely $1,300  $1,200  dollars (you must click below to find out final pricing), which is  ONLY A FEW BUCKS MORE  than the combined value of all the bonuses we're giving you!  That's LESS than 150 bucks for more than a DOZEN experts!

It gets even BETTER!

OK, you can stop rubbing your eyes now and see that, yes, we're offering access to this exclusive one-time-only seminar at a cut-throat price (to find out what it is, click the link below) which includes all the above the described bonuses combined.  We've had to take TWO bonuses away recently, due to excessive demand, so lock in this great deal ASAP... and to make sure you don't miss out, and if you hurry up, we're going to offer you a huge extra discount if you EMAIL us ASAP at with this code: dmkmln85-slliksehtnrael.  We're not going to make that option available for very long, so take advantage of it while you can!

We also have TWO MORE BONUSES that we didn't mention yet, included with sign-up, which you can find out about only on the sign-up page:

Click to Reserve Your Spot!


You know what?  You might still be hesitant after all this to click the button or even mail us for a last-minut deal.  You might be thinking, “What if I get out there and I feel like I am not learning all I could?”  Well, we are going to make it even more simple for you by offering you a BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If after the first full day of the seminar, you don't feel like you're satisfied, just talk to Jay or Ray at the end of the first full day and we'll offer you a full refund off of your purchase.  And, you can keep the coupon for a discount of $100 off of any future event we host.  That way you get a full day of seminar for free, PLUS the coupon.  So we don't just give you your money back, we give you MORE.

We've also been at this a long time (since 1999) and have an industry-wide reputation for only producing the highest value resources, products and services.

Fast Seduction 101The Art of the PickupLearn The Skills

The next step is yours, we've done everything in our power to make sure this is one of the best decisions you will ever make for yourself.

  • We're bringing together the BEST of the BEST to train you.
  • We're offering you one-of-a-kind bonuses, and with a special last-minute discount if you email us, worth MORE than the entire cost of the seminar.
  • We're giving you the iron-clad BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We know you're on this page because you've decided take steps to change your life, but only you can take the initiative to reserve your spot now and commit to the process of changing your life.

The alternative is to risk continued failure in the very key things that our A-List dating coaches will be helping you with.  But if you have read this far, you have the persistence it takes to succeed!

And don't forget we also have TWO MORE BONUSES that we didn't mention yet, included with sign-up, which you can find out about only on the sign-up page:

Click to Reserve Your Spot!

A last word of caution, we have a lot of interest in this seminar and it is very likely we'll quickly sell out all seats.  Our marketing is targeted to reach close to half a million guys and we sure can't fit even 1/1000th of that many people in the room we have reserved.

This May Be Your Last Chance.

We've brought these true heros all together for possibly the LAST TIME.  You see, many of these original founders of pickup and seduction knowledge are getting ready to move on from the field of pickup & seduction to other endeavors, and this may be the last possible time to catch all of these gurus together at one place, at the same time, in one event dedicated to helping you get this part of your life handled.

It is quite possible that you will never see these originals, Sinn, Hypnotica, Swinggcat, David X and others in the same place, ever again...

So if you want to guarantee yourself a chance at locking in your seat to “The Complete Toolbox Seminar” and all the included bonuses before more bonuses diappear and before we stop accepting sign-ups, be sure to reserve your spot now.


Jay Valens and Ray Devans

P.S. - Remember we've invited a number of the top Gurus from around the world, and some of them are guys who never speak in public, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from them, IN PERSON.

P.P.S. - Don't forget that we also offer a better than 100% money-back guarantee, so if you don't feel the seminar is for you at the end of the first day, you get a FULL REFUND - and you will get to keep your booklet and coupon towards a future event!  Face it, there is no reason for you NOT to do this now.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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